Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life.

Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life. Sunset at Telegraph Point.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where Have You Been? Watcha Bin Doin' ..........

Holy macaroons Batman, doesn't the time fly when you are busy.
A short potted history for between my last post and this one -
  • house painting - outside
  • grandkids
  • renovations and repairs to the main bedroom and walk in robe
  • house painting - inside
  • travel
  • grandkids 
  • house painting - outside
  • re-building with my son, his garage
  • travel
  • grandkids
  • house painting - outside
  • uke
  • singing
  • travel
  • Hastings Woodworkers Guild
Where was I up to with those projects....................
The ukulele hasn't moved from its last known location and condition - still on the "to get finished" list.

I have begun a hall table for our Guild exhibition in a month and will document it here.

Building a Hall Table - Part 1

My good friend Terry gave me a couple of slabs of camphor laurel that he no longer needed, and I decided that one of them would contain enough timber for a hall table.
I laid it out and cut it before I thought to take a picture.
Here is what's left of the slab - not very impressive is it?

Here is a hint of its lovely colour:

Here's what it dresses like to reveal the multi coloured grain

I cut out the legs and the side rails and glued them in using mortice and tenon joints:

Here's a close up of the joint showing the completed side rail tenon in its mortice as well as the mortice for the front rail:

Here are all four legs with both side rails glued in place:

The front and back rails will have a strengthening cross piece let into housings.  Here I am cutting them with a tenon saw before chiseling out the waste.

Here is the completed cross member sitting in its housing as a trial fit:

Finally with all pieces ready here is a trial fit of front and back rails before glue up:

After glue up I'll work on the table-top.
Happy shavings to all


  1. Was beginning to think you had crawled off into the Ozzie sunset for the last time or something!!!

    Beautiful wood, I'd like to see this one finished,... so don't disappear again! (laughing smiley here)


    1. Haha Toby, life got exceptionally busy for me for quite a while and ................. well, here we are.
      I'll post a picture of the finished table.
      Happy trails