Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life.

Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life. Sunset at Telegraph Point.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feuds With the Neighbours

Living in the country has many charms, and that is why we chose to do so.
However, some of the neighbours are really starting to become annoying.
Every night we have a visit from an absolute animal, who vandalizes our property without a second thought.
Sometimes we are visited by red-necks who treat the place as if they own it.
Well I've had enough.  It's time for action.
When that rotten bandicoot turns up tonight to plough up my vegetable garden, he's going to get a shock.  The soil in the garden beds is so full of worms that he can't resist. Our lovingly tended vegetables are turned over as if with a mouldboard plough.
And when those king parrots fly in to feast on our corn, they are going away hungry.

I have built protective covers over the veggies.  I watched a frustrated kookaburra who sat on the top staring at worms he couldn't get at. "There are plenty more in the front paddock" I told him.
Star pickets, poly pipe and bamboo provided the frames, and whatever mesh I could dig up from the "might be useful one day" pile, provided the covering.
The finishing touches were a couple of old shade sails from the front deck, that I hadn't gotten around to disposing of yet. ("Might come in handy one day")
Mr bandicoot will have to dig for worms elsewhere - he is a veritable bulldozer in the garden.  And those red necked parrots can go back to eating wild tobacco berries and wattle seeds.
While I am typing, the bower birds are tap dancing on the roof - there must be twenty up there. They are omnivores and seem to eat everything.  They can go back to pestering the dog for the kibble in his bowl.
A cold brew on the back verandah was very satisfying this afternoon.
In spite of the neighbours, we wouldn't swap living here for anything.


  1. Looking great!!!! i would have loved to have a cold brew with you on the back veranda and overlook the garden or tree tops.

  2. Perhaps you'll get down this way some time. Love to see you and share some time together