Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life.

Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life. Sunset at Telegraph Point.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Eons ago, in our first year in the Village, a good friend of my son thought to help us out, by delivering a grocer's dozen of near-feral chooks that had been terrorizing Upper Rollands Plains. These, the boys had rounded up in one afternoon's feathered version of catch the greasy pig.  A car boot load arrived just on sunset - and unannounced.
What the ...!
Where to put them - no chookhouse, no cages of any kind - in short - no preparations at all.  The boys stood there like cheshire cats, so proud of their contribution to Tele Point self-sufficiency.
The poultry spent the night in a zincalume garden shed, and the next day it was all hands on deck to .....let's go make a chookhouse.
There wasn't much in the way of materials - a little wire mesh, some scraps of corrugated iron sheeting, and an old child's swingset pipe frame without the swings.
Inside a day we had a lean-to roof and a half, and a wire enclosure with a rudimentary door.  Good enough for now - we'll build a better one down the track.
Seventeen years later, and the original dog's breakfast of a chook house was still there, and in need of a make over.

Out came the door, and in its place went a mezanine of nest boxes - three in all.  A new door was added in the side, and that same side extended to provide an A-frame yard. Another door, and we can walk in without stooping.  Add some more corrugated iron to protect against the southerlies and westerlies, and mesh on the northerly outlook - and it was nearly finished.
A small offcut of shadecloth to temper the summer heat, leaving a sunny corner for those cold days - and we are done.
All we need now is for the ladies to arrive and take up residence.
That should happen this week if the chicken gods are kind.


  1. Well i have seen here at El Rancho Relaxo Teleview Hill the ladies palace under construction for weeks now. Now to see the finished product of many hours work (a labour of love), we wait with anticipation for the ladies to arrive!!

  2. Thats the best bloody chook house I ever have seen!!!

  3. Many thanks for the kind comments. All we need now is for the chookies to arrive. Typical ladies - late again - heh heh!