Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life.

Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life. Sunset at Telegraph Point.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Building the Wall Mirror - Part III

It seems an age since my last shed visit, and I have the joys and excitement of the festive season to thank for that.  BBQ's, grandkids, boardgames, poolgames, chess, and time with family - all the best things.

Home alone today so was able to put in some time on the Wall Mirror.

Before final clamp-up, it is important to establish that the frame is square.  Measuring each of the diagonals will determine this.  Each diagonal must be the same length.  I use two offcuts to each inside corner.  Place a mark across both pieces and repeat the measure for the other diagonal.  If there is any difference, then the frame has to be clamped across the diagonal and adjusted so that the measure is half the difference.

Mine was slightly out so a long pipe clamp did the trick.

Once the glue was dry, it was time to cut the rebate on the back to hold the plate glass of the mirror.  I used the trusty Makita with a small straight bit and a fence with a roller bearing.

The only problem in doing this with a router, is that it leaves a rounded rebate in each corner.  This can be cleaned up quite easily with a paring chisel.

This paring chisel is a long handled Japanese chisel, and is a delight to use.

The longer handle is usually used as a fine control in the angle and direction of the cut, where small movements at the handle end are translated to even finer adjustments at the blade.

The other advantage is that you can really lean on the chisel when necessary.

Once the corners were complete, it was time for a trial fit of the mirror.

Not too shabby at all!

I have cut a shallow groove at each corner to take a contrasting timber in the style of the great architects - Greene & Greene.

Well - maybe not quite their style - more like Greene & Greene via Telegraph Point.

That's all I had time for today.

Hopefully I can finish this over the weekend.

(If New Year's doesn't get in the way too much!)

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