Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life.

Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life. Sunset at Telegraph Point.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

That Mirror - Finished at Last

The lacquer has dried nicely and the frame ready to receive its finishing touches.

A piece of mdf around 3/16 inches thick was cut to serve as the backing, and to positively lock the plate glass mirror in place.
I cut it around an inch over the size of the mirror all around.

Small flat headed nails similar to tacks, but more like cut-nails were chosen, ensuring that they were shorter by about 1/4 inch than the combined thickness of frame and backing.

Since this mirror will be wall mounted, I chose a pair of adjustable hangers for each top corner and lined these up with the ends of the backing.

These will be sufficient to take the weight of the frame and glass.

They also allow for sideways re-positioning if there is any need for final adjusting.

Always good to have some latitude built into the hanging process!

So - there you have it.

All done and dusted. 

All it needs now is to be hung on the wall in the wardrobe.

Those other doors in the reflection are a restoration that is awaiting some extended rainy weather.

Babysitting for the last little while has been great - but - you know .....   not as young as I used to be .....

I think that the next project is going to be an outside task.
I have a gable end on the house that needs re-cladding, and a garden that is begging to be finished.

The driveway needs some more asphalt, and the fish are biting down along the breakwall.......

Decisions, decisions .......................

Happy woodworking to all.


  1. A fine mirror - congratulations! (Nice looking saw, too.)

    My own wall-hanging procedure requires both latitude and longitude!

  2. Thanks Rob,
    yes, navigation skills are a big help in old houses like ours, where not everything is completely square or vertical.
    The saw, I have only just acquired. It is a lovely little panel saw wearing the Montgomery Ward label. I suspect it was made for them by Atkins. It is much older than me, but the years have been a lot kinder to it.